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The story behind Creating Time

I lead a busy life. You lead a busy life. Your pets and kids probably lead busy lives too.

We’re living in a time where having too much to do, and not enough time to do it in is the status quo.

Because of this, I have made a conscious choice to create time in my busy schedule to do something that fulfils my creative drive.

So, not only is creating time about making time in a busy day, it’s about creating.

My current creative weapons of choice are crochet hooks, and kilometres of yarn, so most of the content on this blog will be about crochet. But I’m also leaving it open so I can share some of the other creative things I get up to.

I currently work as a marketing manager at a Swiss software company, I’m married to my lovely husband Stephan, and I’m the proud “fur mum” of a pup called Harry (totally unbiased note: he is freaking adorable and I won’t let anyone tell me otherwise!).


While I don’t have kids (kudos to all the Mums who find time to craft while having kids!), working, and looking after a pup and a husband is enough to make me feel pressed for time!

However, the true test will come this July when I start a part-time MBA at Manchester University. I’m committed to continuing my creative time throughout the 2-year masters program, so I hope to share my strategies for making time, as well as my crochet patterns, DIY crafts, and perhaps a photo (or two) of Harry.

I’m excited to share my journey with you, and hope you are also inspired to create time to create.


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