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Sunflower Baby Blanket

The Sunflower Baby Blanket is the second in a series of blankets I will create, one for each season. Yup, you guessed it, this one is for summer 🙂

I designed this particular blanket for one of my (9!) nephews. Henry is just one year old and has a sunny personality and dimples that would make anyone smile. So this blanket was designed to embody Henry’s bubbly and cheeky personality.

With so many nephews (and only one niece) I also tend to make a lot of unisex items. So unlike the Spring Fields Baby Blanket, this is a unisex colourway and design.

I designed this pattern specifically for Rico Creative Cotton (more muted tones) and Caron Cakes Rainbow Sherbet (psychedelic version).

img_7508-copy1.jpg IMG_8053

I used the Rico Creative Cotton for a lighter summer blanket, but it did mean I had to manage the colour change myself. One of the cool things about the Caron Cakes is that you get super fun colourways without the hassle of changing colours yourself, and with almost no ends to weave in.  The newly released Caron Cotton Cakes also look amazing and would have solved this problem. Unfortunately they weren’t yet available when I was designing this pattern, otherwise I definitely would have used them!


The Sunflower Baby Blanket is currently being tested by some amazing ladies. They are coming up with super innovative and fun colour combinations, and I love seeing their blankets grow!

Some of the testers are on Instagram, so check them out:

Zahra @tinyanaesthetist

Maggie @tossedwave

Tamika @precious_heart_handcrafts

If you want to keep up to date with how their blankets are getting on, you can also check out the Instagram hashtag #sunflowerbabyblanket.

I hope this pattern will be released by the end of August. But at any rate, I’ll keep you in the loop!

Until then…


14 thoughts on “Sunflower Baby Blanket

    1. Thanks Emma! For me that was part of the challenge! I’m not such a big fan of embroidery, it looks great but it is so fiddly. So I wanted to find a way for most of the elements to be incorporated as you go. And it makes it super fun to crochet as you can literally see your garden grow 🙂

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