About Me

In our busy lives, sometimes it’s hard to carve out a little time each day to be creative. As a naturally creative person, I find it hard to feel fulfilled if I don’t have a creative outlet. So, this blog is all about creating time to have creating time!

But who am I? My name is Katie. Originally from New Zealand, I now live in Switzerland with my lovely husband Stephan and perfect pup Harry.

I took up crochet a few years ago, when my friend and ex-colleague started a crafting club at my old workplace. From that very first lesson, I was hooked (pun intended!) and I haven’t put down a crochet hook since.

For me, taking time out to crochet means unwinding from a stressful day, having a creative outlet, and choosing to spend my down-time productively, instead of blobbing in front of the TV.

I know not everyone has the time or the inclination to do the same thing, and that’s ok! This is a blog about my personal journey with crochet, and I hope it will resonate with some, and perhaps inspire others to create a little time to create.