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Just in time for Christmas: Paw Patrol Pups! #2: Chase

I’ve been busy making Christmas gifts for loved-ones. And there is nothing better than being able to surprise kids with their favourite cartoon characters that YOU made.

The neighbourhood kids just love Paw Patrol, so I decided to make a few pups to surprise them for Christmas. But luckily, I didn’t have to start the pattern from scratch. There is already a wonderful and free Labrador Puppy crochet pattern by Lucy Kate Easton. So these lovely pups were made using that pattern, with a few modifications that I have detailed below:



You will need:

  • Lucy Kate Easton’s Crochet Labrador Pattern
  • 50g Cream/Light Brown yarn: For his face and paws
  • 50g Dark Brown yarn: For his head, ears, legs, tail and facial embroidery
  • 10g Navy Blue yarn: For his shirt and hat
  • 5g White yarn: For the paw motif on his hat
  • 5g Yellow yarn: for the details on his chest, shoulders and hat
  • Brown safety eyes
  • Size 3.5mm (E, 4) crochet hook
  • Yarn needle

Stitches Used:

  • Chain (CH)
  • Single Crochet (SC)
  • Slip Stitch
  • Back-Post Single Crochet (BPSC)
  • Long Single Crochet (long SC)
  • Spike Stitch (Spike ST)



  • Use the cream/light brown yarn for rounds 1-16.
  • Switch to the dark brown yarn for the remainder of the head.
  • In round 17: SC in first 10 STs, make 3 long SCs in the same ST in round 10 (it will be in between the eyes), skip the 3 STs behind the long SCs, SC in each remaining ST in the round.
  • At round 23, place the safety eyes between rounds 10 and 11


  • Use the dark-brown yarn to stitch-on a nose. I did this by threading my yarn into the starting ring of the magic circle, and made a V shape with the yarn. I then repeatedly stitched into the magic circle and the stitches above it to make a triangle nose.
  • Use the same yarn to back-stitch a smile onto Chase
  • Finally, use the same yarn, to give Chase some eyebrows

Ears (make 2)

  • Use the dark brown yarn and follow the ear pattern from round 1-14
  • Round 15: *2 SC, SC2TOG* 6 times (12)
  • Round 16: * 1 SC, SC2TOG* 6 times (6)
  • Close the bottom of the ear, finish off and leave a long tail for sewing
  • Now you will create the inside of the ear. Take your light brown yarn and a needle, thread the yarn through one of the middle 5 stitches on the front of the ear. Then insert your needle in the middle stitch of round 4 (all your threads will go into this same stitch). Repeat the process until you have a triangle of light-brown yarn (similar to what you did for the nose)
  • Stitch the ears to the back of the head  so they are upright (about 4cm apart)


  1. Using the blue yarn, create a magic circle with 6 SCs (6)
  2. *2 SC* 6 times (12)
  3. *1 SC, 2 SC* 6 times (18)
  4. *SC in next 2 STs, 2 SC* 6 times (24)
  5. *SC in next 3 STs, 2 SC* 6 times (30)
  6. BPSC in each ST (30)
  7. *SC in next 3 STs, SC2TOG* 6 times (24)
  8. *SC in next 2 STs, SC2TOG* 6 times (18)
  9. Switch to yellow yarn. SC in each ST (18)
  10. To create the brim:  Switch back to blue yarn. SC in first 4 STs, HDC in next ST, 2 DC in next ST, 2 TR in next 3 STs, 2 DC in next ST, HDC in next ST, SC in last 4 STs. (8 SC, 2 HDC, 4 DC, 6 TR)
  11. Finally, embroider on a white paw print above the brim and sew to the head in between the ears.


  • Use the dark-brown yarn for rounds 1-10
  • Switch to blue for rounds 11-27. In round 12, use BPSC instead of normal SC. This will create a “border” for the bottom of the t-shirt
  • Switch to black for rounds 28-29
  • Do one extra round of SC to create a neck (8 SC) then finish off.
  • Embroider on a yellow star to the front of the body, just below the neck.
  • Sew the head onto the body

Front Legs (make 2)

  • Use the light-brown yarn for rounds 1-11
  • Change to dark-brown yarn and complete the 12th round alternating spike ST and SC
  • Use dark-brown yarn for rounds 12-20
  • Use blue yarn for rounds 21-23
  • Stuff leg, then use SC to close the leg in the direction from heel to toe
  • With the blue yarn, do a round of surface crochet in round 21 to give the t-shirt arms a “border”
  • Embroider on 3 arrows to the top of each arm in the blue section
  • Sew to the top-sides of the body

Back Legs (make 2)

  • Use the light-brown yarn for rounds 1-11
  • Change to dark-brown yarn and complete the 12th round alternating spike stitch and SC
  • Use dark-brown yarn for rounds 12-23
  • Stuff leg, then use SC to close the leg from side to side
  • Sew to the bottom of the body


  • Use the dark-brown yarn and follow instructions
  • Attach to the back of Chase, below the t-shirt

Now your Chase is finished! I hope you love the way he turns out.

If you use Instagram or Facebook, please do tag me in pictures of your creations! I would love to see them.

Until then…


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